Farm Life. . .

                                                                 A truly unique place to be

    While this place has been many things over the years, today we are focused on nurturing our baby orchards and vineyard.

We enjoy our rare babydoll, southdown miniature sheep that give us a bounty of fine wool every spring and sometimes baby lambs in the spring!

     Destiny the Arabian diva, has been a life long friend and a great riding partner in her prime.  She is always available for a photo shoot, she takes all methods of payment, sugar cubes, carrots and of course apples! She recently acquired a buddy...Tarah the Sicilian donkey who needed a home.  She is a goofy ass so she fits right in with us here on the funny farm!

     We have multiple kitties that have found their way to our barn over the years...  That includes "Tibby cat", who is always happy to meet and greet and annoy our visitors.

     Our prize winning Pembroke Welsh Corgi's are living out retirement now as they have no more work.  Downsizing, haha...they lost their jobs as sheep herders. These guys are the farm ambassadors and will happily greet you with the famous corgi bark-bark!

     Our hens are often found free ranging all over the place, so don't be too alarmed if you see one of the girls wandering around...

     The honey bees are usually very busy buzzing to and fro, so they won't be bothering you while you are here visiting. However, they will fiercely protect their precious honey so while you are welcome to check out their hives, I wouldn't exactly recommend knocking on their door to visit!

     We are lucky enough to have a hillside of big, beautiful maples to provide enough sap to boil down to make luscious sweet syrup.  If that weren't enough, we are also fortunate to have a mighty stand of birch.  This sap is liquid gold! We are one of the rare places that actually processed this sap to create a birch syrup. It has a unique taste and texture that is secret key in many gourmet dishes, craft beer recipes and it has been identified as a medicinal elixir! Ask us to have a taste of this weird stuff, haha...

     We have been feeding our family from the garden for more than a decade. We have had bountiful crops enough to share, so be sure to ask whats in season when you visit.

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Destiny selfie
Destiny selfie

Our Arabian Diva is always ready for her closeup


Southdown "babydoll" miature sheep are just adorable!

Garden harvest
Garden harvest

Bountiful harvest is eye candy every summer!

farmer John
farmer John

John is happiest when tending his garden of asparagus

maple burning
maple burning

Cooking sap to syrup the old fashioned, traditional way!

Bee yard
Bee yard

Bee maintenance is key to their health

Crop Sharing

We are happy to share in the bounty of our spoils.

Stop in our lil farm store to see what we have on hand:                                                                                                         *in season

  • Maple syrup

  • Raw honey

  • Eggs

  • Asparagus*

  • Blueberries*

  • Grapes*

  • Jams

  • Trail mix

  • Farm Crafts/Gifts

  • Camp Firewood

  • Coffee Beans from LaVanta Roasters

  • Custom pancake mix



Kerry and John were great from start to finish. We had a short trip but everything was set and easy and we had no difficulty with anything. They were great about communication and we got the quiet, secluded weekend we were looking for. Highly recommended as a great place to stay if you're looking to get away for a while.

The place offered really relaxing, The house is very family friendly, toys for kids and adults we enjoyed very much.

Thank you. We really needed this time away. Your place was perfect in every way. We even saw a bald eagle on one our hikes.Your honey and maple syrup are so wonderful.Peace and love, Judy and Hank